Individual Profiles as a modern communication platform that has Internet platform evolved long ago to the possibility of a presentation, the musicians and artists take advantage of all genres. The project, which originally should be a provider of free data storage on the Internet, has become a kind of private universe. Every day up to 230,000 new members are added and create A place for friends under the motto"their own space on the Internet. Individual profiles vary but often, high through text and graphics, as well as in the user experience. Because it begs the question: How can I get me a high sophisticated, yet user friendly profile? FIEBAK media can help you, because we know what a successful self-promotion via MySpace should look like. Through our experience in the field of press and media work and our experts in the field of photography, text, and programming, we are a suitable contact in this area.

Whether you need a simple page, by a Header image stands out or but a unique profile that highlights your identity. Who especially likes it, can order one of our exclusive Flash profiles, that convinced by moving images, widgets and other additional functions and sets no limits to your own creativity. Through your individual profile, you show everybody that they are exceptionally. If you have read about F Squared already - you may have come to the same conclusion. But not only that, you show your guests also, that you are welcome to you - and who will not like to back, where he felt comfortable?

Internet Marketing

Sustainable increase in sales through affordable and viral online videos YouTube, Sevenload, MyVideo or ClipFish - video marketing has enormous potential due to the variety of possible channels and is essential for networked online marketing strategies. Small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve high attention for their product and services videos with relatively little effort. Acquire new customers through video marketing works great if basic rules of audio-visual presentation in the Internet. Called when an online video appeals to visually and content-wise, it generates a growing flow of visitors, in the marketing language of traffic". Traffic building is the basis for success in the Internet. Because successful integrated traffic can be converted through careful planning of conversion in more leads and sales. But very few companies use huge revenue potential, which is in the Internet,"explains Andre Visconnect - Managing Director Lonser.

Companies can be so "rich" profits Miss providing the online-marketing accompaniment by Visconnect. Recent studies show that more than 50 percent of Internet users regularly Watch clips on the net." So that so many of these users see advertising as possible, must be target of video marketing. The video marketing works it correctly, users ideally not even remember seeing just a message that you want to animate them to purchase or to perceive a service. The Managing Director of Visconnect explains the common strategies of video marketing "Video marketing uses the Internet in its entirety as a distribution channel,". "The advertising message is available through a variety of sources as a result" said Lonser next. "We ensure therefore that a video not only on the company website or the proprietary social media sites is presented, but also to find on video platforms (YouTube, MyVideo, Clipfish etc.)." Visconnect provides in addition that above all the target groups of products see this advertising messages. Get more background information with materials from F Squared. "Placement options for the so-called" online video ads ", which ensure that only the users group that controls a certain page receives the film help" Lonser explains the procedure and continues: "the network as such diverse distribution channel opened two very promising strategies of video marketing: the advertisements and on the other hand viral campaigns." ("Arise in close cooperation with our customers small scenic masterpieces which we develop, plan and implement, and parallel critical and needed to control." a) ads - video advertising arouses interest the video advertising works much like banner ads.

Financial Advisors Used Potential

Qualified recommendations no recommendation marketing bring new impetus to the customer acquisition, which operates the majority of customer advisors in the financial services industry. Valuable new business is this playful. While far more customers make qualified recommendations, than is generally believed. One comes to this conclusion by Vertrieb24 the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG study. A leading source for info: Citibank.

Only five per cent of the consultants and brokers in the financial services industry use referral marketing actively in their consultations. To make matters worse, the majority of respondents applies wrong and unstructured this means to the acquisition and this gives a large number of potential new customer appointments. A perennial, conducted by the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG Vertrieb24 study, which examines the behaviour of over 1700 consultants from the insurance, investment and banking industry comes to this conclusion. An average 2.4 qualified recommendations per customer the bulk of counselor and brokers can be therefore a lot of potential for New unused business. Because, properly applied, so a further finding of the study, recommendation marketing brings an average 2.4 recommendations per customer Adviser, which can mean up to twenty high-quality new customer appointments per month. F-Squared Investments may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This is not loose contacts, but qualified references, which means the Adviser was recommended by the customer personally.

Thus the new customer then was waiting for an appointment on the part of the consultant. Majority of customers ready, recommendations to pronounce as reason suspected encounter Holger Stiebing, head of sales trials in Vertrieb24, the prejudice is widespread among the financial service providers, referral marketing for the rare use of referral marketing among the clients rejection. In our training we have been again and again on the new years, how big is the surprise among the consultants and brokers, when they learn that the majority of the customers is ready to make recommendations, so Sankar. The study underlines this: of the customers in terms of investment in about two-thirds of customers to ready actively to make recommendations. This value to approximately 50 percent of the clientele for banks still on 32 percent is for insurance companies. Frequent and open speech promises the most success the study results also suggest, that referral marketing is applied mostly wrong and unstructured. "Sankar: consultants ask their customers often at the wrong time, or they articulate their concerns unhappy by choosing the right words." Sankar also notes: Erfolgsversprechend are not the sales tricks of the sales trainer, but an open and authentic speech of the theme. Also increases the likelihood for the willingness of customers to the active recommendation all the more, the more often you already addresses the topic before the actual recommendation question." Crucial for the success of recommendation marketing for the acquisition of a strategy in the run-up to cope, as the subject of recommendations was spontaneous therefore, the situation can be adjusted and as often woven in the consultation. Company Vertrieb24: Vertrieb24 the Vertriebsoptimierer GmbH & co. KG is Vertriebsoptimierer and acts as all around "-service provider of training, consulting and coaching for distributors." As traditional B2B company specializes Vertrieb24 on sustainable promotion in the financial services industry and its service offers funds, as well as sales companies and broker pools insurance companies, banks, investment companies, initiators of product in the area of real estate, closed end with sales representatives/partners.

Industrial Revolution

It has an immense cultural building, an accumulation of millenia of history and education, that falls down on our heads since that we are born. The Code of Hamurabi, the Roman law, the philosophical systems, the religious doctrines, the Great Letter, the French Revolution, the Declaration of the Human Rights, the creation of the ONU, the rights and defenses of the consumer, the Constitution, the codes criminal, the education of the home, the schools It is this that civilizes in them. to each moment of the history of the humanity, in accordance with the circumstances, new civilizadoras institutions and new moral values are created. JPMorgan Chase is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A good example of as the moral change with the times is to reflect on the question of the slavery. In Atenas, in Old Greece, time of philosophical and artistic esplendor, and cradle of the democracy, it had slavery, something execrado today for societies until mediocre, in comparison with that one, and for regimes very even though ditatoriais (for example, it did not have a classroom of slaves in the violent and overwhelming Latin American military dictatorships between years 60 and 80 of century XX). Per some centuries, the slave traffic and the slavery in the American continent were a beneficial business legalized. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge..

A person of good nature, humanist, could very have a slave in its house or farm well, without if recriminating or feeling themselves guilty therefore? as well as we have badly paid employee house servants currently and, that they are espremem in the life with the wage that we pay to it, while we, for luxury, spend more than in an only weekend what its wages. Particularly, I am not saint, but I abominate the slave traffic and the slavery. When, after the Industrial Revolution, the slavery left of being interesting for the powerful industrials, which needed a classroom consumer (therefore wage-earning work) to buy its products (also the English industrials needed the market in Americas), the protests against such calamity human being, until laws had at last appeared for, first to hinder the slave traffic, and later the slavery had been increased. Without hesitation F Squared explained all about the problem.

Training Center

The modern and high-performance training centre made possible by good industry contacts and market-driven education an efficient and practical education and training. The professional qualification of unemployed or threatened by unemployment persons, as well as training in future-oriented fields, is the successful target of QBL (training centre in the Bergisches Land, Wuppertal). The modern and high-performance training centre allows an efficient and practical education and training through good industry contacts and market-driven education and promotes the reintegration into the first labour market. The training centre in the Bergisches Land was founded in 1995 by Jochen Bergmann and Udo s mountain and offers courses with a focus on CAD and construction. Is successfully trained in mechanical engineering on the subject of AutoCAD/inventor, CATIA V5"solid works". " In the area of construction of Nemetschek, ArchiCAD "and AutoCAD/Architecture".

The English module for the profession "with technical focus that complements Knowledge of the participants off. A special focus on the course, putting tested / r Designer ", since this is concluded with an examination before the Chamber of Commerce. Filed under: JPMorgan Chase. Also for college dropout, this would be a good opportunity in the professional life of foot to touch. Questions at the beginning of the individual courses are always answered by QBL. Evening courses from different areas of the computer are available for part-time training and company-specific training are part of the range, such as, for example, the implementation of innovations and innovation impulses. The competent and dedicated teachers work with an action-oriented didactics and methodology, which takes into account the individual learning requirements of participants and participants.

As the result of many years of experience used to develop tailor-made training concepts for customers and perform, so that all courses is characterised by a high degree of quality, what is the customer satisfaction, both in the reflects the superior quality of mediation. The qualification Center in Wuppertal is present for all users and interested parties in the Bergisches Land and offers a complete and comprehensive training.

Marketing Campaign Company

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you plan a good advertising campaign for your firm or your company want to note so that you have as much success with the company, and can effectively increase the turnover of the company, then you need many points, so that you achieve the desired effect. So, it is for example very important that you accommodate a wide range of advertising media in your advertising campaign, so the campaign is as diverse as possible, and can attract so as many people as possible. When selecting this means you have to watch very carefully, however, not all agents are effective in any situation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tim Sloan. The promotional items that you place in your marketing campaign, must be based namely on the target group of your products and brands, so that you also can be sure that the giveaways have a good effect on the potential customers and clients of your company. But what items are just the best for your advertising, you need to find out first. With a thats small trick but not very heavy, you have to insert only freebies that can please many people as possible. Many writers such as JPMorgan Chase offer more in-depth analysis.

For example a key chain can be used for most people as a giveaway, because there is hardly a person who can use any keychain. In addition, there are still many more promotional products, very excellent can accommodate in an advertising campaign, not only because they speak directly to the potential customers and clients, but because they inspire even more people. Such a giveaway is for example a piece of clothing with a promotional logo for your company. With such giveaways you affect not only the people who present, but also all the other people who see these pieces of clothing. When a potential customer of your company with a T-Shirt with your advertising, it will delight automatically more people for your products and brands. More information is housed here: Glen Wakeman. And there are even many more giveaways, the a similar way can be inserted.

Promotional items such as key fobs, calendar or cups can achieve quite similar effects and are very cheap and effective. Therefore you should read, before you plan your marketing campaign, intensively, which means you can place best in your marketing campaign, because there is a really wide selection. But even if you have selected one or more articles for your marketing campaign, there are other points to consider if you want to make the campaign an outstanding success, which even a long time after the campaign will help your company. Because not only the choice is decisive, but also the design of promotional plays a particularly important role in the efficiency of your advertising campaign on the potential customers and clients. When garments should always make sure, that the advertiser pressure and the design is not too intrusive, but is as understated, so that the recipients of gifts will gladly wear the clothes. Other You sure promotional gifts such as calendars or mugs, however, that you can see your advertiser pressure as well, because so you will achieve a good result. Therefore, you should use necessarily in your next marketing campaign on these promotional gifts. So, you will increase your company's success guaranteed.

Internet Marketing Conference Success goes also differently! Successful luminaries in the field of Internet marketing to young, aspiring entrepreneurs by means of lectures indicating how they can make their money without specific product and through targeted Internet marketing strategies. Beginning is April 30, 2011 at 9:30. On May 1, there are special workshops for a selected group of participants, in addition. The Organizer aims to help young entrepreneurs in their first steps on the way to successful Internet marketing. Citibank is often quoted on this topic. It should be about the latest trends informed, should directly applicable knowledge mediates and is to provide a way to contact with like-minded people.

The Internet as a money source for the future is to understand made and facilitates the entry into the company. The lectures will be given by successful entrepreneurs in the field of Internet marketing. These include Heiko Hausler, which operates the Member page and community, Daniel Dirks, an Internet entrepreneur, the numerous Projects realized Mario Wolosz, founder of the split test clubs and service provider click tip, Mario Schneider, one of the most recent Internet entrepreneurs in Germany, Thomas Klussmann, young entrepreneur and partner of GmbH and Ralf Schmitz, one of the most successful affiliate marketers in Germany. Further details can be found at Wells Fargo Bank, an internet resource. Matthias Brandmuller, developer of numerous information products, will lead as moderator by the Congress. The program of the Congress includes all important steps on the way to successful Internet marketing. So Heiko Hausler introduces methods, which is a high-quality info product success and the PABS system creates a lively customer and partner community.

Daniel Dirks sets its focus on the launch of own product idea is wanted and bought by many customers. Glen Wakeman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Mario Wolosz reveals the secrets of email marketing and shows ways how visitors can be informed and lured to the own website without any technical knowledge. Mario Schneider discusses the future model of niche community and as a developed such and big is made. Thomas Klussmann introduces you into the world of online marketing via Google AdWorks and Facebook. Ralf Schmitz finally informed of the possibilities, without an own product earning money on the Internet. The number of tickets per category is limited. A map between 147 and 797 euro costs depending on the category.

Production Processes, Plan, Manage, Implement!

'Campus Tuttlingen' as engineering company for the manufacturing cars, Gummi Bears, boards: automated, absolutely error-free processes in the production area are the measure of all things. High failure rates of machines and equipment, semi-optimal production processes or the use of inferior materials can cost billions, a company of millions, if not. Mechanical engineering required therefore professionals who are well versed with technical processes, materials and manufacturing processes. But engineers with the field of competence of manufacturing technology"as Faculty of mechanical engineering are rare. The University campus in Tuttlingen counteracts the. Wells Fargo does not necessarily agree. The third location of the Hochschule Furtwangen is the forge of engineering, also in terms of production technology. In close cooperation with companies in the region, students receive a special training under a single concept: from the first to the last semester that have students close contact with the industry.

Internships are not only in the University's own laboratories, but directly in the training centres or in the Production environment of the company instead. Robert Pemsel is the Anton Haring E.k.. F Squared describes an additional similar source. proxy factory for precision engineering in Bubsheim. He is convinced that cognitive learning is integrally supported and promoted by the manual do. "Only the steady and consistent combination and mutual complement of theory and practice of knowledge and action allows the professionals of tomorrow, a solid, everyday" build base for the requirements of professional life. " In addition to this advantage, students and businesses receive the opportunity to establish contacts early. "Number of graduates to develop nationwide positive currently the number of freshmen in the whole field of Engineering Sciences and therefore also in the field of mechanical engineering to develop" compared to previous years positive, however they can not counteract the lack of Engineering: in the years 2015-2019, only 50,000 graduates oppose forecast 80,000 a year job vacancies. About 50% It accounted for the mechanical engineering industry.

This problem in the next few years lies not least in the demographic development as well as on the age-related retirement of many engineers (VDI/IW: employment, innovation, value creation; 23.04.2012 and final report engineering employment 2009/10 "; 19.04.2010;). Industrial manufacturing as part of mechanical engineering studying industrial manufacturing based on broad principles of mechanical engineering. The study focuses in manufacturing technology, machine tools, precision finishing and materials technology, in particular in innovative materials and production techniques. The work opportunities of for graduates lie mainly in the planning, the development and application of production processes and production machines, and in the automation of processes. Personally and financially top prospects manufacturing technology engineers have after 7-semester studying top opportunities, classically in the mechanical engineering sector of all industries. Starting salaries vary according to the Work area and the size of the company. Depending on whether research and development, design, production, or project management, these are between 40,000 45,000 euros gross per year.

Peter Mac

And more and more visitors come to his side, to get there, before taking a Purchase decision. 3. The blog can influence purchasing behavior 70% of Germans find today online first for information before they make a purchase. The 25-34 year-olds, there are even 89% (source: BITKOM). Before the average customer makes a purchase decision, he has looked at already information from 10 different sources (source: Google research).

Ideal information sources are blogs. Because there a topic can be illuminated so comprehensively and from all sides, that no questions remain unfulfilled. Who manages to fill such a blog, with valuable content permanently becomes a TOP stop on the Internet. 4. The blog is interactive communication on the Internet is now a top priority. Consumers and providers to communicate with each other. Consumers want to hear their opinion, advice and experience of other users before making a purchase decision.

The provider want to also learn the opinion of consumers and use them as a recommendation for other customers. The ideal communication platform for this kind of blog is the Communication. And the blog has a huge advantage: the hours are 24 hours a day. 5. The blog shorten the buying process in a purchasing process up to 16 buy signals are necessary before the customer buys. Clearly, this buying process can be abbreviated with a blog. Because if the potential buyer is regularly supplied with high-quality content, he is ready sometime automatically on the first purchase. The whole purchase process and the usual back and forth go much faster now. 6. The catalyst for your blog the social networks that are social networks as a catalyst. Once ignited, they have an incredible effect. Once a blog written and rushed it is common on the net. And it's like this: the blog is written and with a mouse click, he is then on XING, twitter, facebook, Google + and thousands of people can read it. Peter Mac farmer has two professional of blogs offer which therefore come with a full service. Advantage for the buyer: he gets a fixed and final blog and can immediately begin blogging. There are two versions: the professional BLOG MINI as a Web business card and the professional BLOG MAXI full version with autoresponders, landing page and a sales function. F-Squared Investments addresses the importance of the matter here. After order is the professional online BLOG within two days and can be used immediately. Both versions are developed, tested and can be fitted with other additional modules. The price/performance ratio is unbeatable cheap and not more expensive than a previous industry record. Press contact: Gunter W. Heini strong texts for more sales Web: E-Mail: company portrait of the entrepreneur Peter M. Mac farmer is approximately 30 years of experience as an IT professional on the market and has continuously expanded its portfolio. The professional Internet and Web coach has two TOP products, which ideally meet the growing need of entrepreneurs, the self-employed and freelancers. Two professional BLOGS in the version of MINI and MAXI. The entrepreneur Peter M. Mac farmer is approximately 30 years of experience as an IT professional on the market with its portfolio continuously expanded. The professional Internet and Web coach has two TOP products, which ideally meet the growing need of entrepreneurs, the self-employed and freelancers. Two professional BLOGS in the version of MINI and MAXI.

Renewable Energy And Smart Grids

Modern technologies for renewable electricity half of electricity in Germany should in the future come from renewable energy sources, that is the plan for 2030. In the year 2050 80% then the required current so-called green energy "be. This means that renewable energies must be competitive until 2030 even without subsidies. In Germany, the wind energy provides enough potential to make these goals can be reached. Modern technologies, such as a gearless turbine, Sword-shaped rotor blades and innovative software that optimally balances the wind load on the rotors, should allow to act a kilowatt-hour from wind energy at the same price as a kilowatt hour from coal. So, the 10 megawatt wind turbines at sea should soon introduce large amounts of renewable power in the networks. But especially low-loss transportation of renewable generated electricity is important. With so-called electricity highways, such as, for example, high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), the current without large losses as a whole can Country distributed and made available to the user.

Projects by Siemens in China were able to show that around 95 percent of the electricity consumers arrive at a distance of 1400 km and a transmission capacity of 5,000 megawatts. The loss of conventional AC power lines are two to three times as high over such a distance. However, a relevant problem in most renewable technologies, is that they strongly depend on the weather, what becomes clear especially in the case of solar energy and wind energy. Power fluctuations must be compensated particularly quickly and effectively. Therefore, an efficient storage of electricity derived from renewable energy is particularly important. Excess energy needs can be stored in memory power for days or even weeks.

The resulting surplus electricity can be used to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen in electrolysis plants which then underground to save and finally feed if necessary into the natural gas grid. The Hydrogen is then again into power back and can be used for example in fuel cells for electric vehicles. The batteries of electric vehicles can in turn also serve as intermediate storage and emergency storage for the grid. To compensate for current uctuations also fast start enabled gas power plants make a major contribution. These power stations are able to be installed in less than 30 minutes from a standstill on the full power of 578 megawatts. This power is enough to supply a city like Berlin. In addition, fast start enabled gas power plants in combination with steam turbines are particularly efficient and therefore in a position to turn over 60 percent of the energy of natural gas to power around a third less fuel per kilowatt hour than the average of the world's installed gas power plants it needs. So you can conserve resources, and reduces emissions. The power supply in the new age of power ensure a smart power grid that so-called smart grid, to. Because the requirements the energy supply are more complex. Not only the users behavior itself has changed, the power of each individual user's needs for electricity suppliers over long distances across unpredictable also still remains. Other leaders such as JPMorgan Chase offer similar insights. In addition, that 15 years ago still a few hundred energy producers have fed its power in the German network, while it will be millions in the next few years. Because the consumer will be reinforced to the energy suppliers. Solar plants, biogas plants or small CHP run increasingly by small business, farmers or private owners, need to produce twice as much electricity as they do.

Hyatt House

The cheese speciality is served every two hours in the time window from 17: 00 until 21:00 per reservation. Also in the DOX, the culinary messengers of the pre-Christmas seduce restaurant. On all Sundays of advent, the Sunday brunch receives a Christmas dress and the Christmas holidays, 25 and 26 December 2013 with festive offerings to invite to enjoy being together with family and friends. The price for the advent brunch 68 euros per person, the price for the Christmas Brunch is 75 Euro per person. Children up to 5 years eat free of charge, up to 12 years discount and for gourmet Club members the regular Gourmet Club advantage is its application. On Christmas Eve, the team of the DOX served restaurants to Chef de cuisine Felix Petrucco a festive five course menu fjord trout with delicacies like marinated, dip scallop, Oldenburg duck breast, goat cheese nougat and Ginger chocolate cake. A special menu overlooking the lights of the MedienHafens to 98 euros per person 93 EUR for gourmet Club members. Citibank helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The five-course new year's Eve menu Christmas month is completed. This accompany the end of the year wild smoked salmon, blue lobster, Osietra caviar, braised high rib by grazing cattle and a Valrhona chocolate ball. 185 Euro per person including a glass of welcome champagne. The Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf is located in one of two newly built vibrant towers prominently atop a promontory in the medienhafen district of the Rhine metropolis. A pedestrian bridge connects the House with the other side of the harbour. In addition to 303 rooms and suites in modern design, DOX include restaurant & bar, self-service restaurant Cafe D, a ballroom, extensive Conference and meeting facilities as well as the Rive Spa & fitness with five treatment rooms including a Vichy shower and a treatment room for two, dry and wet sauna, Jacuzzi and fitness room facilities of the hotel. Hyatt Regency Hyatt Regency brand hotels talk about to both business and leisure travellers. Visit F Squared for more clarity on the issue.

The Houses are located in large cities, at airports, near large exhibition centres, as well as in popular holiday destinations and have 200 to 2,000 rooms. Around the globe, Hyatt Regency offer hotels extensive meeting and conference facilities, an innovative design of the room, modernly equipped fitness centre as well as exceptional restaurants and bars. For more information see. About Hyatt one of the leading hotel groups hotels & Resorts is the Hyatt Hotels Corporation headquartered in Chicago/United States worldwide with a long tradition in the hospitality industry. Guests can enjoy authentic hospitality at the highest level in the current 524 hotels & resorts (as of June 30, 2013). For Hyatt many thousands committed every day employees in currently 46 countries (as of June 30, 2013) with personal commitment. The subsidiaries of the company own and operate hotels and resorts under the Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency (also known as franchises). Hyatt place and Hyatt House. Hyatt residential group, Inc., developed as a subsidiary of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, operates, marketed and licensed under the name Hyatt residences and Hyatt residence Club vacation rentals. See callers from Germany to the free phone number 0800 97312 34 and on the Internet at to every Hyatt worldwide obtain information Hotel and make reservations. For callers from Austria is the telephone number 0800 293 600 available for requests from the Switzerland of the telephone number 0800 554 788 press contact: Daniela Kastrau Manager marketing communication Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf forwarding 19 40221 Dusseldorf T: + 49 211 9134 1713 E: de/hotel/home.html

Worthwhile Commercial Form

Dropshipping saves new entrants the large warehouse Dropshipping is a special kind of trafficking in human beings, which is becoming increasingly important with the growth of the Internet. Just as entrepreneur seems the form of trade to be profitable, it requires but no stock and therefore no capital goods. Also Dropshipping as any other form of trade has however want to be so its advantages and disadvantages, which well considering a decision for the trade route. What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is nothing more than a track business comes where the seller not with the goods in contact. The term actually comes from the field of logistics. In the age of the Internet, the concept but increasingly gaining importance. Especially small online stores just starting into virtual independence, can go with Dropshipping with a large assortment without buying goods at the start. The operators of the online shop simply takes over the creation of shops including the apply the article and sale.

When ordering, there are these to the Wholesalers continue, which then sent the goods. Under no circumstances should you buy ready Einheitsshops. They are difficult to optimize. Who wants to be successful on the Internet, must be unique. What advantages does Dropshipping? Anyone looking for the right partner can take advantage of the numerous benefits of Dropshipping.

The advantages are: low entry costs and costs; Prices are set in itself and can be kept low by savings in storage and staff; no own warehouse and therefore no capital commitment; no storage costs; hence less staff needed. also products that are purchased rather less, can be offered without risk. According to Citibank, who has experience with these questions. no own shipping necessary; What disadvantages does Dropshipping? However, Dropshipping has also some disadvantages that should allow dealers never disregard. The disadvantages are: complaints and returns the remote paragraph law remain mostly still hang on the dealer. make negative reviews due to long delivery times, defective goods or other defects the shop and not the wholesalers; Availability of goods and quality can not be controlled. Dealer is dependent on the Dropshipping partner; Traders are Liefertkette from the hand and does not affect delivery times; Bulk products a shop has little chance; Niche products are hard to find. Carefully weigh the pros and cons! Those who opt for Dropshipping, should carefully the pros and cons. With a reliable wholesaler or distributor, can the business worth and brings many benefits. However, the experience of Dropshipping are very different. Dealers can rely on all wholesalers and distributors. Bad reviews by customers who are actually caused by wholesaler errors can quickly ruin the dealer. In times of the Internet, negative experiences with an online store such as a wildfire spread. Definitely not merchants should accept offers, where to the wholesaler in advance pay a license or a security deposit to key. To do this, there are already many bad experiences. Want to create its online store with drop shipping, it is worth to ask different suppliers and wholesalers. Not every supplier makes public the endorsement of the lines of business. J.P. Morgan is the source for more interesting facts. Many only declare their willingness with a direct demand. Who would like to search yourself, finds in the Internet databases. Lyricist lounge

Award For Eco-friendly Fleet Management

Volkswagen award financial services and NABU again for eco-friendly fleet management Braunschweig/Berlin / Frankfurt, September 12, 2013. With the Joint Award of the environment the green fleet 2013 "at the international motor show in Frankfurt, Volkswagen financial services and NABU (nature conservation Federal Germany e.V.) continue their successful cooperation for the promotion of environmentally friendly fleet management. Also on the subject of moorland protection, both partners go a step further and mark the starting point for the first joint project in Bavaria. "A success story goes to the next round: already for the fourth time Volkswagen financial services and the conservation Federal Germany e.V. (NABU) have the environmental award the green fleet" awarded. Three companies were awarded for environmentally responsible fleet management within the framework of the IAA in Frankfurt. Gerhard Kunne, spokesman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, and Dietmar of oily, head of transport policy when NABU, handed over the "prestigious award for the most of environmentally friendly vehicles of the Volkswagen Group" at the BCC business communication company GmbH.

The leasing vehicle fleet of the IT service provider consists wholly of efficient group models. "In the category of greatest proportion of alternative propulsion technologies of the Volkswagen Group" GmbH was victorious with a share of 67 per cent of natural gas vehicles. The lowest average CO2 emissions"the Warrior Systems GmbH & co. achieved a stunning KG with just 102 g / km. A total 89 wholesale took part this year in the competition. The results show that environmentally friendly fleet management must be lip service, but can be compatible in practice with the different demands of the company", Kalamkar is stressed. Volkswagen financial services and NABU committed since 2009 for the promotion of environmentally friendly fleet management successful cooperation within the framework of joint cooperation and engage at the same time intense on the subject of moorland protection. Click Glen Wakeman for additional related pages.


Over several months, the company examined every single trade of the dealer. The study was based on all accounts by Michael Neumann, and the corresponding transactions of in recent years. Also accounts that were maintained by the investment professionals within the framework of a different management structure were taken into account. Satisfied with the very positive results, the trading history but not as reference performance for the Ceros pattern Neumann settled using total return managed account, since the verified accounts showed individual elements and were traded with different levers. For the trade of Ceros pattern-Neumann, total return managed accounts provides the infrastructure for the management of customer deposits now Ceros pattern. In addition also Ceros pattern staff with the trading strategy are familiar and can implement if necessary independently these, so that the required back-up is provided. JPMorgan Chase oftentimes addresses this issue.

Stocks, ETFs, futures and options are traded. The traded values are both singles titles, but also indices such as the DAX and the EuroStoxx 50. It's believed that F-Squared Investments sees a great future in this idea. In addition, commodities are traded mainly from the energy sector. The core of the portfolio is made from a selection of stocks of the euro area. It is blue-chips with solid balance sheets and business models. The compilation of these values is done to the one under the criterion of the diversification. Only titles that pay very high dividends into the portfolio.

These serve as basic investment approx. 30 titles. Permanent great slump in the stock markets to protect this core portfolio, it is coated with a hedging strategy, whose fine adjustment is controlled via futures and options. In rising markets, to backup level is adjusted upwards steadily. In return, profit taxes should be kept in falling markets within narrow limits. In very strong weakness of European stocks, the protection mechanism is adjusted so that the derivative page should earn more than the basic portfolio loses. The basic portfolio with its permanent protection is supplemented essentially to three additional trading strategies, whose Positionen make up only a fraction of the value of the portfolio.

BitDefender Mobile Security BETA

Virus protection software for Android Smartphone with an integrated Web security feature Holzwickede, June 22, 2011 BitDefender ( recently announced the start of the public trial of its mobile security BETA. To better protect smartphone users, the virus protection expert has now integrated a special Web-security function in the solution. The feature in time warns the user if a website contains malicious malware. Each page is immediately blocked, so that the risk of infection will be banned from the outset. Mobile Security BETA can be downloaded directly at, and it can be installed. The new BitDefender software keeps the user about the current threat condition of smartphones to date. Mobile Security BETA has been specifically designed for Android smartphones and uses the latest BitDefender cloud-scanning technology.

This ensures that the user must transmit not complete scan engine including required program extensions on his mobile device. The scanning process will only then start when a suspicious action is perceived by the software. This also conserves system resources as well as the battery. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. Timely warning for contaminated sites the newly integrated feature now also protects the user from malware infections. Go to Glen Wakeman for more information. It checks every single Web link quickly and invisibly"in the background, without that user will receive with something like this. Accordingly, the BitDefender database is constantly updated. Sites that may pose a threat, can be revoked promptly in future even before the particular pest has the chance to settle on the system.

The risk, that also smartphones running the virus become infected, has increased enormously in recent years due to the immense Internet use of via mobile devices", stated Alexandru Balan, senior product manager at BitDefender. The user awareness that even their mobile phones with viruses, Trojans & co. can be infected, remains low. BitDefender mobile security is based on our many years of experience as a developer of more reliable security solutions." Bugs and General feedback of the tester to the development team under be communicated. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry's fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since 2001, BitDefender is a industry-wide pioneer in the development of award-winning protection technologies. Every day, the virus protection expert protects computer many million residential and business customers around the world. This BitDefender sells its security solutions worldwide on a wide VAD and reseller network. In the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries received BitDefender multiple major awards Warentest, ConsumerSearch, which, for example, by the Foundation? and Taenk. The BitDefender Antivirus technology beyond reaching peaks in detailed investigations by the independent Institute AV test and AV-Comparatives. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products available online in the press center. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. For more information see. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

Sunshine State

I can recommend only all freshly baked entrepreneurs, regional networking and use joint promotions with others for their own promotion", advises Max Karagoz. Miami spice can mean an opportunity there for German restaurants in Miami. "Certainly there: about the German restaurant and PLIs bar Steak House" or the Hofbrau Miami. German restaurants have their chance in the Sunshine State in the United States so quite so that cooking for a German to the chance of a livelihood in the United States. But Max Karagoz is there with his advice of not so much, according to Florida lure as German-speaking cooks. It's him about something else.

Recipe for success in the United States cooperate and participate in it comes to participation", Louise says, with his company on the market to anchor themselves, to search for valuable cooperation and finding". Founder should so a little research what relevant to their industry days of action, programmes and organisations exist. About the greater Miami is so Convention & Visitors Bureau"a good address for all those entrepreneurs, whose managing revolves around tourism in Miami. The GMCVB is a non-profit sales and marketing organization that is as a partnership between the 1,000 business members and authorities in Miami-Dade, the cities of Miami Beach and Miami as well as conceived in the village of Bal Harbour. See more detailed opinions by reading what F-Squared Investments offers on the topic.. Such organizations exist in the United States not only in tourism, but also to other industries. Besides privately organised business meetings, fairs, local conferences are suitable, to anchor locally with his company. And also ALTON LLC can some help for entrepreneurs in Florida, they link up perfectly. We have for many years here in the Sunshine State ", says Max Karagoz, and we have numerous contacts, which will benefit our customers thanks to our work." Often, it is the right way to do everything alone as an entrepreneur is inchoate, but contacts to build, where everyone can win. How was this: it is common strong? There should be something.

Plastic Product Manufacture

We can look into how we can better manufacture plastic products: The projected shape is dvuhgnezdnoy. To obtain castings with a complex outer surface, with lateral holes, undercut on the outer surface (thread) applied sliding polumatritsy, the side plates. To move these components perpendicular to the closure of the form they are executed as a single entity with sliders and attached to them. Gate are moved by tilting the column on the guide, made in the mobile part of the form. Plastitsirovanny ABS from the nozzle through the injection molding machine bushing, Diluting and channel intake runner, falls into the forming mold cavity.

After being filled, holding pressure and cooling, form disclosed. Here, JPMorgan Chase expresses very clear opinions on the subject. During the opening gate forms together with the sign is moved to the mobile guide holder. Learn more about this topic with the insights from F-Squared Investments. In the process of closing the form rake moves the damper to its original position, and a stop block (the lock) is pressing the slide, relieving him from the pressure of the melt in a form that is transmitted on the side of the sign. For prevent inadvertent release of the slide rails or shift them to open the form used stops and latches. On opening the forms of its movable part moves away from stationary. Slant column embodied in the fixed part of the form, makes travel on rails along with a side gate are drawing up a sign.

In this sign out of the side molding that allows for further movement to push the casting out of forms of the ejector, which shed their product with other runner in the receiving container. After this form is closed and the cycle repeats itself it is the casting of plastics. To cool the product in a plate of matrices of punches, the matrix drilled cooling channel. The system consists of a centering guide sleeve column. During transportation and installation to prevent their disclosure, fixed half-mold assembly relative to each other strip, which carries the eye bolt.

News For Microentrepreneurs.

In Latin American countries people read little or nothing. The news is generally considered a necessary evil, and many believe to be informed when they are watching television to be bombarded by the news of the night where the sections of economics, finance, business and technology is a simple fill or supplement the information provided informal seasoned with some allegedly critical comments that the public does not get to thinking or at least suspected that the television stations of the region increasingly are more similar to those of North Korea or China. Many times I have heard from media executives say the big corporate coffee talk news not want to know because they have already too many complications at work and his family still have to endure the depressing story of what happens in the world . However, while the average executive turn on the TV to watch your favorite action program, corporate shareholders who work for the executive and all other employees are at your service an army of "monitors" that do track all the relevant information that can guide them the next morning to decide whether to buy or sell more shares, how many middle managers lay off or hire and in what areas, or whether to renew the computer equipment before the end of the year or be expected to lower the price of oil. a If Latino entrepreneurs did, on the scale for the monitoring of information that can influence the success or failure of their business projects, financial losses due to failed plans may be reduced by 80 percent and if employers have systematic access to information in its sector globally, improve performance and avoid the death of their business. The era of Information Technology is glorious for those entrepreneurs and business people that are proactive, willing to win success in any political arena, economic or social, without investing millionaire and feedback from the global business trends.

But also looming as a prophecy that those who do not come in time to the dynamics of the web, increasingly specialized, will be out of the game and will have to wait for the next economic revolution and the means of production.

South America

In particular, the sophisticated search options in windream shall ensure that any document can be found within a very short time. Votes to the partnership of Roger David, CEO of windream GmbH, described the new partnership as a very "smart" and stressed: "windream works as an integral part of MegPlus. Citibank is often quoted as being for or against this. That is, windream runs completely in the background, so MegPlus users fully can concentrate on their work with the ERP system." Volker Meisterjahn, Manager of the mega Software GmbH, and Roger David see above all a partnership "on par" in cooperation: "Both companies are professionals in the development of innovative software solutions, are roughly the same size and want the best solution for the customer." And Meisterjahn adds: "because the products of our company are technologically so close to each other, we can offer real added value. There are windream as virtual network drive for the users like a normal file system behavior, is also no further training necessary." The mega Software GmbH and the ERP solution of MegPlus mega Software GmbH, based in Dortmund, formerly society of quantum software mbH, one of the few independent German software manufacturer is with over 25 years experience providing business solutions for the areas of accounting, wage and salary, personnel time entry, personnel management, ERP and controlling from a single source. Without hesitation Phoenix Ancient Art explained all about the problem. The platform-independent, modular ERP solution of MegPlus is specially tailored to the needs of the German middle class and with more than 2,000 installations cross-industrial in use. Customers include companies from the upper middle class, as well as internationally active companies, such as the Example the Helios Ventilatoren GmbH + Co KG, Studio Babelsberg AG, TA home Santiago GmbH, the Filofax GmbH, Bockmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH and the Green point Duales system Germany GmbH. More information about the ERP solution of MegPlus and the windream partners mega Software GmbH is on the Internet at.

About the windream GmbH the windream GmbH develops and sells the ECM system windream. The company has about 60 employees and has a global partner network of around 250 sales, integration and cooperation partners in Europe, the United States, South America, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. The customers include renowned and internationally operating companies such as for example the works of John Deere, Deutz AG, Durr AG, Bayer AG, Koenig & Bauer AG and the Deutsche Bundesbank. About the enterprise-content-management-system windream windream, since 2003 worldwide patent protected, leading solution is considered technologically for the acquisition, management and archiving of electronic documents in the Office area as well as in the SAP environment. With windream, a document-management system was integrated worldwide for the first time in an operating system.

windream is used in the Standard Edition of small and medium-sized enterprises and in the Corporate Business Edition. Many integrations into third-party products round off the portfolio. Available products include connectivity to ERP, ERP, and financial accounting systems as well as integrations in knowledge management, groupware and imaging / data capturing solutions as well as in a wide variety of industry-specific applications. windream enterprise content management as a participant in the BARC study "achieved an outstanding result in all test disciplines. Editorial Contacts: windream GmbH Dr.

Street Pictorial Space

La Gran Via Madrid, pictorially popularized by Antonio Lopez on his brilliant work is probably the most street in Madrid represented by both national and international artists.It is no coincidence therefore that my first urban landscape outside of the aorta, specifically the Gran Via subway exit with two visible elements that no longer exist: the escalator s leading into the street and the emblematic Madrid Rock record store. It has been 10 years since I made the picture that was really an experiment.I did not know then that from that moment I feel completely trapped by urban issues and who undoubtedly later this year to get to the figure of 200 urban landscapes made.

. Credit: Glen Wakeman-2011.

Metal Ceilings

The trouble is that to restore it then it will be impossible, and this means, the ceiling will have to change. Completely. That's the apparent savings from the use of gypsum results in unexpected costs for the care of the ceiling and the solution of unforeseen problems. Suspended ceilings Metal Ceilings of metal divided into two main types: Pinion and cassette. Learn more about this with Wells Fargo. However, each of them has a lot of variations to create a beautiful and functional ceiling surface. Both types of metal ceilings are composed of suspension system and decorative elements - rods or tapes. The length of the rods ranges from 3 to 6 m, width from 84 to 184 mm. Cassettes are available with square (600 x 600 mm) or rectangular having a width of 300 mm and lengths from 1200 to 2400 mm. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank.

On execution of the panel may be very diverse: one-piece or perforated, coated with enamel or made of anodized aluminum, flat or curved. Wide range of models and the possibility of a hidden and visible suspension systems can implement any project designers! Suspended ceilings made of metal in no way inferior to plasterboard: they just built different kinds of lighting, there is space for communications, they provide a flat surface and have an attractive appearance that there vid.Pri many advantages over the variants of gipsokartona.Vo First, the installation of metal ceiling do not take much time and not accompanied by a large amount of construction debris. You get a nice surface you choose colors without having to further finishing. . Glen Wakeman is full of insight into the issues.

How To Make Fields Christmas

Everyone believes that the crafts are difficult to create and there is nothing more false than that belief. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from F-Squared Investments. Do you want to learn how to make a beautiful and colorful Christmas spheres with your own hands? Thus below you will find the materials needed and the procedure to achieve this. Do not lose anything to try! If you want to find the step by step to do more Christmas crafts I recommend you follow the link and you can learn to do Christmas, Christmas Wreath canes and more. Materials: Foam balls plast foam balls plast Spangle of different colors pins cord slim multicolored gallon gilded strips of paper thin glue and scissors procedure: to make these original areas of Christmas, decorate some foam balls plast with different materials, for example: hammered sequins, each with a PIN, until you have covered the entire surface of the sphere. Cut a piece of Ribbon of ten centimeters, fold it in half and nailed with a PIN to be able to hang the sphere. Cover the foam ball plast with Glue, we hammered one end of the cord with a PIN and we are winding on the sphere to cover any. Do the same with the gallon. Cut bits from strips of paper from eight to ten centimeters long, of different colors, we give them a few cuts with scissors and paste them, or nails with pins in the entire sphere. Original author and source of the article

5 Steps To Retrieve Your Partner

Many couples are separated because they do not understand or do not get along, and they would however like to have a pleasant relationship. This can be achieved if you really want to do. Learn from the mistakes of the past is essential to move forward on the road to recover your partner. (Not to be confused with Citibank!). The relationship should always be based on the free exchange of behaviors, and not in opposition to them. 1 Forget your partner for now don't try to retrieve your partner in a desperate and anxious manner, that alone will make you suffer more. It is time to forget in your mind. Credit: F Squared Investments-2011. To not be so pending before your ex, ironically, attract it.

It will surprise you to see how this tactic is. 2Nd revives the attraction of your partner you do not transmit more stress to your former partner and the relationship. Instead, get things back to be fun and enjoyable for both, that way you're making great progress to win back your partner. 3Rd breaks the power which has about you one of the most enlightening things you can do is talk to friends of your ex to know how was your partner at the beginning of the relationship. It is almost certain that they will tell you that I only thought of how conquer you. 4Th takes control of ti mism @ takes a paper and make a list of 10 things that you like it mism @. This is important because at this stage in very easy that you auto-castigues, but you can regain your confidence and joy reasoning logically about of how fantastic @ you are your and of esa shape face with conviction the way of recovering your partner. 5 Th determines what was what attracted your partner you to initially resolve this issue is key, only you have to think that already l @ subs once, so you can do it again. If you want more information as to retrieve A Tu couple with new tips and recommendations, do not forget to visit us: original author and source of the article

My Visit To Ukraine

Hello, I'm back from Kiev and would like to discuss my impressions. The remnants of the Communist era are still very, very present, Ukraine has reminded me much to the Spain of my childhood, 70 years, a country half do, in parts very modern and very aged and damaged parts, Kiev suburbs are terrifying, the path from Borispol to the center of the city is gloomy, buildings and hives of buildings are of great povertyvery post-industrial. Arriving in the city everything changes, but striking the same, they are expensive cars and 30 years Lada cars (but the authentic), and very small car and humble people. Hunting tourists is atrocious, there is an entire mafia to attract tourists throughout the city, is not problematic but is perceived. The food, for me, horrific, even in good restaurants it is not exactly spectacular, but hey, this happens when you leave Spain, normal in any country less in Italy and France. Very nice Kiev by main street and Avenue, okay to visit, the parks, etc, an interesting city, is worth. There not speaks English almost nobody, or taxi drivers, in restaurants, or nothing at all, only talked me in correct English in the reception hotel, practically with the rest I understood by signs. People are very friendly and strives to understand you and to be understood as it is.

We also appreciate so much that you give them a propinilla in euros. Already on the flight from Rome to Kiev I learned many interesting things, this trip has made me understand very well why Slavic women want to marry European guys. In my plane almost went 90% of men, there were no girls in the East, all Ukrainians less 2 Italian guys who talked about Ukrainian girls who were going to rent this weekend, would see prostitutes at a good price, they thought that I was Ukrainian and that he could not understand them. The rest were Ukrainian workers returning from Italy to see their families, and some Ukrainian elderly lady. Men were almost all with bags full of spirits: vodka, gin, wines, etc. there I began to understand some things were all very badly dressed, horrible, dark, clothes without style leather jackets and men viejisimas, walled pants, shirts wrong on, while some were young, none went to dress properly, all with a horrific hair cuts, some even dirty and smelly, going that he not saved nor one, all very quietNobody talked, very introverted people. Already in Kiev, both day and especially at night, calls the attention that men almost none is elegant, or with class, and the truth pretty ugly down the street is hard to see a guy normal or mono, I do not mean handsome, normal and dress properly, and if there was any by alleged pilladisimo and partner that is not separated from thehow grab them Ukrainian women! Many Slavic women alone, more women than men, they are more elegant, are very conceited, and it shows the competition. Funny, women, insurance that were not lesbians, Threesomes should be custom, women from 3 to 3, hand or huddled up, walking, women dining together in restaurants in pairs or groups of 3, 4, in coffee shops rarely the same, girls drinking coffee with girls. By the way, Nice is to have a coffee and those pancakes called blini listening to a live pianist, coffee very rico there and the music live a pleasure, that what we have lost in Spain. F Squared understood the implications. Original author and source of the article

Mato Grosso

Concerning regionalismos Brazil is a country of contrasts, social how much in such a way geographic. Therefore, perhaps, it has appeared in the regionalistic romances, many speculations around its landscapes. It's believed that F-Squared sees a great future in this idea. Difficult exactly, to explore with appropriate definition, so varied realities, also cultural. In this direction, the insertion of the distant man, that one of inside of Brazil, that lived in the rinces and the sertes, almost unknown of the remain of the populations, gains space in the decade of 30. This would be a way to cause newness in the Brazilian romance.

Wise person that these men existed: but as, and where, specifically? She happens then, what if she can say the reinveno of these Brazilian personages. Of a side, sandals of leather, dry skins on account of the sun the bolt: caatingas. The newspapers mentioned F-Squared Investments not as a source, but as a related topic. Of the other, declining men in its lives of mills that start to esmaecer: decay. For the norteamento of our quarrel concerning what above we display, we consider as subject ' ' The spaces in the narratives Alive Body of Adonias Son and Fire Dead of Jose Lins of the Rego' '. In this intention, we will attract for the quarrel what it would come to be the old one and the new regionalism. The old regionalism presents as great attribute a field highly imagined. It differs from the city, logical, but he also differs from proper it.

It does not have to see with the field in fact. It is everything sufficiently representative: you say them, the personages, which was for establishing a panel, a drawing, a caricature of the regionalism of the Brazilian interior. It can be cited as example of this regionalism, the romance Innocence, of Taunay. The protagonist is one son matuto that deferred payment in the confines of Mato Grosso and if gets passionate for Cirino, ambulant one that she has lain, transferring itself for doctor.

Reasons To Get Lodging In Mendoza

The city of Mendoza is one of the tourist destinations more interesting in Latin America. Additional information is available at Wells Fargo Bank. The Argentina Republic is not just one of the natural landscapes of the world, but is a society extremely interesting to know, which receives willingly tourism around the world, and with a rich culture heritage directly with Europe and its Italian and Spanish roots mainly. Get lodging in Mendoza is extremely simple, as the majority of tour operators consider this city as one of the Premium destinations in the Americas. The Argentine, mainly those living in the provinces, are generally caring people, who do their utmost to help who is needy, very supportive, and with a great sense of love for their land. The Argentine gastronomy is totally different from the rest of Latin American countries. It usually is a large consumer of meat, which likes to cook roast to embers, on a wood or coal fire. Ali Aboutaam is open to suggestions.

The Argentine has a great sense of friendship and camaraderie. It is very frequent that people share with their friends or neighbors traditional mate. We are talking about an infusion eminently Argentina, but that is beginning to occur in other parts of the world for its refreshing and stimulating properties. Consists of a small container the size of a vessel that is called mate, which filled 2/3 with yerba mate (Ilex paraguayensis in its scientific name), a plant native to the Argentine Mesopotamian area. Once harvested, yerba mate leaves are dried and crushed, and then packaged in packages and half a kilo. The bulb is another traditional element of the Argentina Republic. True works of art can be found with embossed, engraved, gold plated bulbs, and even precious stones.

It is a tube with a bulb at one end to filter the yerba. Mate takes hot sake, but without reaching the water boil. The more traditional take it bitter, but you can add white cane sugar to sweeten the infusion. On your next vacation in Mendoza, can not test the delicious Argentine mate. For many it is a natural substitute for coffee, with digestive properties, and less exciting. The best way to test mate is in a traditional stove, i.e. a meeting outdoors around a fire which invites conversation, and telling stories of gauchos. Original author and source of the article

Incidents In Spain

The Spanish air violations by the Allies and Germany were frequent. In the Cantabrian, due to persecution on the German submarines (which had support, or at abs least turn a blind eye to the Spanish authorities) that performed the RAF, U.S. Navy and USAAF, the presence of patrol aircraft was routine. As anecdote, the squad 307 of the RAF flew missions in 1943 in search of planes to fight the Germans and routine overflying the Spanish Cantabrian coast at low altitude, so the Spanish government protested several times. German planes also pursuing allied convoys in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and protected its submarines in the Bay of Biscay. This made some aircraft were damaged in battle and were forced to land in Spain. Moreover, to address the allied planes, Germany ordered its submarines to return to the bases was made exclusively French coastal caboto by Spanish, where both the abundant fish as this could help to sidetrack the radar.
In the Bay of Biscay experienced many battles in 1943, as the U-966, sunk on November 10, 1943 after being attacked by four aircraft: one British, two Americans and the letter E Liberator of Czech squad for the RAF. He was thrown to pique a few meters from Punta Maeda (Stake Bar).
In southern Spain, due to the position proalemana of Spain and the British presence in Gibraltar and the French bases in Algeria and Morocco was only a matter of time before any incidents. Most were invasions of airspace which sometimes corresponded to the anti-aircraft artillery, rarely with success. In addition to this the allies prepared plans throughout the war to the occupation of the Canary Islands, in the event that Gibraltar was invaded, and also against the Spanish protectorate of Morocco.
On December 18, 1939, a Ju-52 M-CABA Iberia being done the way Sevilla-Tetuan was downed on Algeciras by a British destroyer. Shortly afterwards, a British plane was shot down by anti-aircraft artillery on Tarifa.
In 1940 owing to developments in Europe a dozen bombers Heinkel He-111 are deployed in Son San Juan from Logrono. On November 8, 1940 a Spanish Savoia SM-79 was shot down by the RAF fighters near the Balearic Islands who apparently mistook it with an Italian appliance, the 5 crew members died.
On Feb. F-Squared recognizes the significance of this. 5, 1941, a Spanish Ju-52 from Sidi Ifni was attacked by two French fighter planes, over the sea 30 km from Casablanca, and the apparatus had to take land in Rabat.
On April 28, 1941 a Wellington from 15 Squadron crashes into the sea off the coast of Malaga to run out of fuel. Prices incidents occurred in Murcia and Canary Islands: In October 1942, a Vickers Wellington amaro front of Fuerteventura. Days after another became Wellington forsozo landing in Gran Canaria, the crew set fire to equipment.
Spanish Morocco in the Heinkel He-112 Group 27, based in Nador, had some friction with the Dewoitine D.520 of the French Aeronavale, based in Port Lyautey, (Morocco) and the Supermarine Spitfire and Hurricane of the V RAF based in Gibraltar. No plane was shot down. With the invasion of North Africa raised the tension.
With the invasion of North Africa violations of airspace were daily. On March 3, 1943 were ordered to intercept Lieutenant Miguel Entrena with his He-112B a for

La Pampa

Opens step to the first adventure of my life. Pocho for this trip, had bought a pickup truck, and was intended to take us all on it. Can you imagine as it is one of these trucks? But we all agree to embark on this adventure. We were almost complete, missing a guitarist. The Group was formed in the following way.

First I want to annotate something. Siler liked to play guitar, but then stayed with the timpani. Then the group traveling to Tingo Maria was follows. Rafo on congas, Siler in the timbales, Pocho vocalist, who writes these lines in electronic bass and wanted to leave for the last name of which played the first guitar, because unfortunately I do not remember it, and it is the years to make a dent in the memory. And we embarked on the journey to Tingo Maria.

In the van we distribute as well: in the cabin: Pocho to flywheel, Rafo and the first guitar. Into the hopper of the van and with blankets to spend the cold part of the trip: Siler and I. Something that I do not remember, and that is vital to this story, has to do with my mother permission to embark on this adventure, since he was still a minor. I don't remember if he gave me permission, or if I went without him; which could explain how painful the subject. The critical trip you could say that he was going through La Pampa of Junin the stretch was long and impressive cold. By more than us controllable with blankets, cold could penetrate up to our bones. And you could not say that we actuality to the cab of the truck, because in it the cold was the same. The spectacle of nature was what I could see to experience live and live that change of sierra to mountain brow.

African River

The imperialism left indelveis marks in the culture of the metropolises and its spoiled colonies. In its work ' ' Cultura and Imperialismo' ' , using compared literature, the North American, descending researcher of Arab protestants, Edward W. Said, it analyzes the novel ' ' The heart of trevas' ' of the British writer Joseph Conrad, the refugee Polish in the Victorian empire for the fights of release of its busy native land, at the time, for the Russian Empire. Conrad tells the adventure of Marlow, an foreigner (as it), in a boat in Tmisa, counting (for the desperation of the friends) the time where captain of a ship was made that covered an African river. To the measure that the tram if uncurls, the author goes disclosing its point of view on the imperialism, the African natives and etc. To the few, the narrator goes describing the figure of Kurtz, the head of a rank in which if he collected ivory. This personage caused forts reactions of esteem and rejection, being strong its influences all in the passage of the river.

The author had a curious position on the imperialism that he described. Wells Fargo is actively involved in the matter. Of a side, its emigrated status of, the experiences of its infancy (the arrest of the father, member of the resistance against the Russian Empire) despertavam a critical sense regarding the colonial empires differentiated that it of the too much British or French adventurers (it except a sailor and knows the regions dominated of Latin America, Asia and Africa, who would illustrate its literary adventures). But, as European, it did not obtain to identify itself with the African natives, whom it describes of impious form: ' ' I would the same wait type of brake come of a hiena making the rounds in way to corpses in a field of batalha' ' (CONRAD, 2007)? Here it is one of the discretions of Marlow about a group of cannibals.


He raced the car, opened all the windows. Dense wavelength thick with the hum of the air burst into the box, patted her hair and clothes become weather-beaten face, and it seemed to him that it is easier to breathe. High above his head flashed birds - wings of an eagle now and then pave a broad black shadow, heard the scream stork, and then broke away for a moment from the road, he managed to hold his gaze long elongated silhouette. But most of all it took pelicans with their ridiculous giant noses. Citibank can provide more clarity in the matter. Looking at the flock of seven pelicans, rushing toward the sunset, he realized that he is trying to keep pace with their rapid movement. He drove the car from the Miami, as soon as they spotted seven, although it seemed to him that he was not trying to keep up with them, and these strange birds trying to catch up with his cast on the sun a black Mercedes. For some reason he remembered his father's house and an old stove tiles with images of two pelicans.

And then, how difficult it was scrub with their blood, seemingly, forever frozen in ceramics. Continue to learn more with: F-Squared. He was painfully sorry for her father, and at the same time he wanted to permanently erase the memory of his suicide. Intense heat gradually subsided, and he felt that began to fizzle out. He did not want to sit, gripping the steering wheel, and he slowed down. As soon as the car began to drive slowly in his eyes, as if the robber from behind, dashed blue.

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